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Moxibustion is very well suited to deal with Osteoarthritis and the rheumatic pains which can be aggravated and more prevalent amongst people exposed cold and damp weather conditions.

Acupuncture is widely considered to be a safer and much more effective form of treatment with magical qualities and almost no side effects to deal with osteoarthritis/joint pains which cannot be provided by the usual drugs available in the market.
One of the most commonly or frequently occurring problem faced by most of us is headaches the reasoning for such pain in the head can be multifarious such as neck arthritis, dental related pain and conditions, sinuses, tension and stress, migraines, minor or major head injuries and psychological related problems.

For all of the above conditions causing headaches Acupuncture provides a swift and long lasting relief as compared to its conventionally available treatments. The result is that, depending on the specific case, the intensity of the pain and discomfort is significantly reduced or completely cured with very little number of cases requiring retreatment.
In lot of regions in the word particularly China, strokes (for whatsoever reason caused) are best dealt with Acupuncture as it is deemed to be the most suited treatment for it.

By way of example scalp and body Acupuncture in particular are adopted to deal with various forms of strokes. As per extensive research and development such Acupuncture techniques assists in improving the blood supply to the brain which has a magic effect of making a recovery from stroke swifter and sustainable.

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