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There has been a lot of clinical and other research and development in the field of Acupuncture. In Lethbridge, Massage is very popular as well. Like with any other method of treatment in medicine, some of the prescribed Acupuncture treatments for specific conditions or disease are more effective than the others. Moreover, a lot depends on the resources and qualified and experienced Acupuncturists being accessible and available in certain parts of the concerned region where such medical treatment is being sought.

It will be appropriate to discuss some of the effects of Acupuncture in treating certain diseases based on the facts and figures and other related Information received from various parts of the world including China.

One of the most common diseases faced by patients all over the world which is very well treated by Acupuncture includes those relating to muscles, bones and joints, which are collectively known as musculo-skeletal system. For ease of understanding or in layman terms such disease can be described as rheumatism or arthritis.
Sprains in particular caused by accidents or injuries are very well suited to Acupuncture treatments, specifically targeting the pain and discomfort caused by such untoward injuries.

The most beneficial and important aspect of Acupuncture treatments relate tFo its effectiveness in treating acutely painful conditions and problems. However, injuries pertaining to bone fracture and discomfort and pain resulting from such injury cannot be completely cured by Acupuncture as is the case in sprains, strains or muscle or ligament related injuries. The best result of Acupuncture in such instances is that it avoids the chronic pain commonly accompanying such injuries.

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